GLOW @ Kent State Trumbull

We discussed:

  • The Movie Night and the Bake Sale, both of which will occur on April 16th.
  • The Bake Sale will be held at 9:00AM to 4:00PM and will not only sell baked goods but will advertise “Bottles of LIGHT” run by Kenny Smith and Apryle Yekel. The Movie Night will run the same night: starting at 6:00PM and wrapping up at 9:00PM, the movie that has been picked will be “Geography Club”, the movie will be screened in Room 121 with food and drink being provided.
  • Unify; a LGBT youth group out of Youngstown will be holding an event at KSU Trumbull. David (Pres.) and Megan (V.P.) are attending this even are look for another volunteer to aid with this event.
  • T-Shirts have been decided upon and the color will be black with the Logo of the group placed upon it (front, more of the design is to be determined).

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