GLOW @ Kent State Trumbull


Members of the Executive Board include five elected officers: President,  Vice-President,  Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Media Ambassador.


David Nickell

GLOW President

GLOW President

Having a voice and making an impact in a small community is challenging to say the least.

As the only LGBTQIA group on Kent State University’s Trumbull Campus, G.L.O.W. (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever) has provided students with a safe place to have fun, make an impact, and celebrate diversity.  It is a honor to be a part of G.L.O.W. (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever), and a privilege to have served as its president for three consecutive semesters.

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor focus in Philosophy.  My experience at the  campus has been an amazing one, and I cannot be more grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of  individuals.  My hope is that future students know that there is a place for them in G.L.O.W., and that its okay to love yourself for who you are.

  • <dnickell AT>

Vice President

Megan McCafferty

GLOW Vice President

GLOW Vice President

Megan is one of the founding members of GLOW.  She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She lives in Southington, Ohio with her fiancee, Dana Courtney.  Megan was very active in the drag community for a number of years.  In her free time she enjoys working with her horses and spending time with family and friends.
As a member of the LGBTQ, Megan is passionate about equal rights and stopping discrimination. She feels that “the best way to promote understanding is through education.”

  • <megmayhem88 AT>


Brittany Twoey

Social Media Ambassador

Rychelle Yekel

Rychelle Yekel

GLOW Social Media Amabassador

Greetings, my name is Rychelle Yekel, I’m a member of the LGBTQ community, and the social media ambassador (SMA) for G.L.O.W. I’m a sophomore at Kent State Trumbull and studying to be a veterinary technician. I plan to further my education by going into veterinary medicine and currently work at an animal emergency clinic. Between a full time job and school I don’t have a lot of free time but I do what I can to aid in the fight for equality.


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Daniel Nadon

(dnadon AT

Dr. Stacie Hanes

headshot1Stacie Hanes’s scholarship explores the psychology of the fantastic as a didactic medium in the work of Mary Shelley, Christina Rossetti, and Bram Stoker. Her research focus on the fantastic in nineteenth-century literature, as well as contemporary fantastic literature and Jane Austen. She has published several book chapters on the work of British fantasy author Terry Pratchett, and numerous encyclopedia articles on a variety of subjects within her research interests. Alongside her research interests, Dr. Hanes particularly enjoys teaching composition in small, computer-centered classes where she can play to her strengths: one-on-one communication and computer use.

Dr. Hanes has been involved in student activities since her own election to student government as a freshman, and is thrilled to be involved in an advisory capacity as faculty.

  • <shanes1 AT>

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